Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

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Afghanistan’s National Security Forces

Dear Editor,

What are the components of the national Afghan forces? What are the US and NATO doing to improve the Afghan national forces and with what aim? To discuss this implication, I would like to provide some answers to these questions. The letter firstly provides a background to the mission of the US military and NATO in Afghanistan. It follows with a breakdown of each security component and its current state of effectiveness.

 The US strategy in Afghanistan was now an attempt to right the mission, focusing on training Afghan forces to a standard that they can eventually take control of their own security system. This approach of developing the capacity of the Afghan forces was seen by Coalition partners as the quickest exit strategy which now ends to become true.

Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the gigantic efforts and encouragement for the political stability, mobilizing the Afghan people towards an stable and outstanding position by U.S and the international community on the ground. They have given a great effort on stabilizing our national forces, by conducting long-term training.

More importantly, the funds by international country, U.S including other funding countries in the last few years were quite challenging for stabilizing the country, but all have gone on the wrong way by a government that refuses to be loyal and accountable to its people and to its country. Above all, despite efforts and increased spending on training, it appears that this end point remains years away. This implies that pledges and funding remain sufficient to effectively develop Afghanistan’s security apparatus but have all gone on the wrong ways.

Malalai Ghulami