Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

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Wee things huge impacts

Dear Editor

You might have faced many difficulties and obstacles in your route towards your destiny, and in the process there could have been some large and tiny sympathies and condolences from friends and spouse, such as it is ok, not to worry, it’s alright, mentioned not, you deserve it and many more each of these sentences has its own worth and value.

These are wee expressions but contain humongous and large impacts on our moral and tuck. People are called to be social animals they live in the society treating different characters, personalities and behaviors. In a society he is the good man who has social and moral contacts with the people surrounding him.

For instance passing by a subway paying regards and greetings do not need much effort to put on but has a big impact over your personality. Helping an old adult passing the road does not take much of your busy time but it keeps your social moral in the quite fair order.

In the life people face unexpected matters that are of little value but when thousands of such events occur in your daily life it has its great impact in your life. There are many little odds and evens in the life of an ordinary person caring and paying attention to those little events can surely bring s turn over in our life.

Let’s care everything equally and live our life but not leave it. Those are successful who value every moment of the life as if it is the last moment.

Ahmad Ali

Barchi, Kabul