Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Help the Poor Children

Dear Editor,

This is my second letter sending to the Daily Outlook Afghanistan for publication. Since there are burden of problems in Afghanistan, i just want to highlight one of the main problems which is that The number of the baggers on the streets are getting higher with the passage of time which includes a large number of small children who are innocently walking in this cold season on the streets asking for money to support their family who have no one to support them financially and to perceive their domestic problems which encouraged these innocent children to leave their education instead started begging having not other options left in order to fed-up their families.

Most of the children belong to those Martyred families and have lost their lives for this country during the war. They lost their fathers and brothers in the last more than three decades of brutal war in Afghanistan, whose fathers who were fighting to save the reputation of their country and their nations have devoted their lives.

The fathers who have devoted their lives and left their families and innocent children for the cost of their country all alone, yet we see there is no one handling their hands for a better future and unfortunately yet, no effort has been taken place for those poor families and innocent children to ask how they pass their lives and what are the very fundamental requirements of their lives and what they are suffering from, instead they are completely deprived of sole and social rights which is completely against humanity.

Thanks a Lot

Mohammad Yasin

Sarak-e Taimani Kabul