Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Corruption Is a Tragedy

Dear Editor,

Corruption has brought a bad name of Afghanistan as it is now one of the most corrupt countries of the world besides being number one producer of narcotics and one of the most insecure countries on the planet. I think the anti corruption effort misses the sincerity of government otherwise we would see somehow achievement against this evil.

The news about corruption is quite disappointing to me. At times when our country needs sincere efforts in reconstruction, the presence large number of corrupt people is no less than a great tragedy. Corruption which has different forms are deeply concerning for the world and doing much to disappoint the Afghans in the context of the future of their country.

According to reports the corruption in Afghanistan is fuelling insurgency, drug business and crimes. So by controlling and eliminating corruption, the Afghanistan government can largely firm its grip over the different issues that are weakening Afghanistan.

In the last decade, the problems have increased rather decreasing, so my request from the government authorities is that they should take some serious, strict and sincere measures to eliminate corruption at all level and provide better services to the masses. Afghans need a clean and sincere government.

Altaf Hussain, London