Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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Mess in Kabul University Hostel

Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader of Daily Outlook Afghanistan. I am a student of Kabul University, where students not only come from Capital but every corner of Afghanistan. Daily Outlook not only provide us good knowledge about the current affairs of the country and highlights different problems of masses' interest but it also gives us a good help to boast our academic knowledge particularly English language. Here I would like to draw your attention towards the deplorable condition of our University Hostel, where thousands of students from far-flung areas of the country stay.

We (students) face a number of problems on daily basis ranging from necessary utilities to proper food. Hygienic situation is terrible. Cleanliness is not seen due to which many diseases infect. Hostel rooms are overpopulated. A room which was made to accommodate four students is filled with 12 to 14 students. Most of the students complain about the bread of Seloo (Governmental bread for University, employees, Army and so).
Administration is failed to maintain a quiet atmosphere of study in the Hostel. There are many other problems which are needed to be resolved. Through Daily Outlook, I would like to ask the concerned authorities to please bother for inspecting the deplorable situation in the Hostel.


Abdul Hameed,

Kabul University Hostel