Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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American’s Withdrawal: the Ultimate Return of Taliban

Dear Editor,

President Obamma’s earlier announcement on pulling out his 30, 0000 troops till 2012 from Afghanistan has shocked most of the Afghan people.

American withdraws their troops from Afghanistan; Taliban will be quickly shifted to celebrate their new beginning of cruelty and brutality in the country. Today, the rise of insecurity in most parts of Afghanistan has really begun to worry the people since every peaceful parts of the country has begun to explain the situation more insecure than ever before. Every parts of the country is turning into a real hell as it was before, the same Taliban’s Fithawas and laws are on the practice in several rural areas.

The very hard and uncertain future in Afghanistan after the US troops withdraw from the country has begun to affect some policemen and soldiers to quit because they believe that the same Taliban will dominate the country after the  US troops leave, since the ground realities is something more complex then the armed-chair writers explain it through medias. 

On this basis, many locals believe that if the United States military leave without defeating the Taliban or ensuring Afghan forces are capable of taking the insurgents will seize power and punish Afghans who resisted them in the last few years. Wherever the Taliban are dominated has warned the people to be punished whoever helped the US troops in Afghanistan in the last few years of conflict, the people believe that from here on, working for the Afghan government is an absolute self suicide.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Americans are defeated and are now seeking ways to get of this country,” said a Taliban leader in Tagab district. “For us, the Americans and those who have been helping with them are the same and each one will be punished in accordance with the crimes they have committed.”

Seeing the fact, decades of brutality and constant conflicts has absolutely paralyzed the people both economically and mentally, everyone was with the belief that American’s presence in the country would bring peace and stability, but everything went against our dreams we had about our country Afghanistan.

Ata Mohammad Achagzai

Maidan-e-Wordag Afghanistan