Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

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No More War and Bloodshed

Dear Editor,
The current status of Afghanistan as crystal clear for each one of us, living in Afghanistan and for the world at large, and about the suffering and most critical problems that today Afghan people are steeped in. now it is ten years after the fall of the Taliban regime from ruling the country. And the United States president Barack Obamma has announced the end of U.S mission in Afghanistan. This leads us to the up-coming uncertain future of Afghan people since the insecurity is growing constantly in most of provinces which is the ultimate matter of concern for the vulnerable people in-conflicts who have suffered for more than three decades without any break between.   
We witness that Afghanistan even has been turned into a blood coastal where only and only a person smells blood and see holocaust just like a shambles in the last many years of conflicts that have to final extend suffered and separated the people from their very closest ones in which some have lost their father, mother, brother, sister even their whole families, including their properties.
And thus the country was just cocked-up and fragmented with different fighters with different denominations. And now we are fatigued enough because of this cruel war that has left us in a very dismal end. So let’s get together to really ease this pain and put an end to this exhaustion by a very comprehensive planning that can to some extend brighten help to get rid of the war and humiliation. 
Karte- 3, Kabul