Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

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There Must be Bann on Fake Medicine

Dear Editor,

On everything business and experiment is not fare indeed, doing business on the health of the people is an absolute abuse of the law and human dignity.

The crisis of spurious and expired medicines in Kabul market is emerging as a gigantic issue for patients seeking medical treatment who often end up sicker than they have ever been. The ministry of Public Health just denies there is any issue of concern over marketing the fake medicine or expired medicine.

The ministry of Public Health Care unfortunately doesn’t have a real concern of the public hospitals and medicals in order to stop the people doing business on the health of people. Daily numbers of people die of using the fake and expired medicines in Kabul city including other major provinces of the region.

The Medical experts have told the news that the bad quality of medicine has meant that patients who could be cured in two to three days, take months to recover or even-deteriorate.

The poor people are more victimized of the fake and expired medicines in the country, since the cant seek to treat their patients at high level hospitals or in foreign countries. It makes no difference for the higher-class people because their patients are taken to the best hospitals of the country or in other well-known hospitals in Europe, but what about a poor farmer or a labor man who can’t afford seeking so.

This is kindly pledged from the respectable government and Ministry of the Public Health that please take some serious steps over the fake medicines and low quality medicines including other expired medicines which are send to kill us not treat. 

Abdul Ahad Maqsoodi

Dehbori-e- Kabul