Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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Kabul City Needs a Quick Concern Over Cleanliness & Greenery

Dear Editor,

Recently some private banks and other organizations have initiated a program under the above name. It will not only add to their good will but also help the capital become clean. The residents of Kabul have welcomed the initiative and are taking part in the process of cleaning Kabul. Kabul is believed to be one of the polluted cities of the world despite of being capital of Afghanistan.  

Such programs play a vital role in public awareness. Once the people are made understood the values of clean environment, they will be automatically taking care of their streets and surroundings. With the growing population of Kabul, demand for public awareness programs also increase. Therefore the initiated program is highly appreciated.  

Our religion Islam has regarded cleanliness as a part of our faith. As a Muslim this is our responsibility to take care of our environment by putting efforts to keep it neat and clean. The government of Afghanistan is not in a position to start a general and prompt scheme for cleaning the capital Kabul – we should understand this. However, the people must not wait for the government and go on for planning to clean their environment on self help basis.  

Best Regards