Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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Is Negotiation with Taliban Achievable?

Dear editor,
I think Karzai's government and his international "friends" have accepted the defeat and finally accepted that Taliban is strong and that they can no longer stand against them. I think the Taliban members are very happy today as they hear that government is calling them to join the government. I think the Taliban movement is the protestant faction of the current dominant ethnic group in Karzai's government. I don't understand why the Taliban still allow themselves to explode their bodies to kill foreigners and Afghans? Instead of seeking superiority, we must try to bring an inclusive government that recognizes all Afghans citizens with equal rights. I think Mr. Karzai is now in a step of giving more incentives to the Taliban to lay down their arms and leave him.

Why didn't Mr. Karzai begin talks with Taliban from the inception? Why is he doing this at this stage of time? Why doesn't Mr. Karzai call the National Front and other forces for political reconciliation to defeat the resisting Taliban? I hope our president's office answers my questions through a letter to your endeared newspaper.

Thank you,

Mohammad Zeya Rasuli

Jamal Mina, Kabul