Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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Military Convoys Block Several Routes

Dear Editor,
The presence of tens of thousands of foreign troops is necessary for peace and security in Afghanistan. They help us in reconstruction of Afghanistan. Since 2001, billions of foreign aids have been poured in Afghanistan. Today the economy of Afghanistan is moving towards betterment and prosperity. It is also hoped that the insurgents will be defeated one day and peace and harmony will prevail in Afghanistan with the help of international community.

With so many merits of the foreign troops, there are also some concerns. The civilian killings have grown since last couple of years. This fact is not denied by the foreign military top official and it seems like they have completely realized the problem and will put efforts to avoid incidents of civilian killings in the future.

Definitely, it will add to the trust of people on them. Another issue which is also very concerning is that most of the times the military convoys block several routes connecting Afghanistan provinces.

Last time when I was traveling from Kandahar to Kabul, we had some very harsh experience. The foreign forces had blocked the road at many points. It is summer and the hot weather puts the lives of many at risk in the deserts of provinces like Kandahar.

In many vehicles, some seriously sick people were to be brought to Kabul urgently. However, they had to suffer. None of the passengers had some good words for the forces. Kandahar-Kabul road is one example, the same happens on all the routes connecting Afghan province.

It is my request and request of every Afghan that the roads should not be blocked as this creates a lot of problem for the public. There are many other ways to monitor an area; it is quite amazing that roads are blocked for the purpose.

Mohammad Hanif Askari
Shahraki-e-Omid Sabaz, Kabul