Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Let us Go Slowly

Dear Mr. Editor,
About the massive underground treasure which the Afghan people are sitting on, may one point out that there is an even more gigantic source of wealth on the surface of Afghanistan. That wealth is the Afghan people themselves. First let us settle down after these 30+ years of war and strife. We need nation building, good governance, democracy. The poor are everywhere to be seen More than that, there are mafias of all sort.

Land mafia, drug mafia, oil mafia etc. If the mining contracts age given to foreign companies, Afghanistan will, no doubt be able to export its mineral wealth. But it will be the Mafia that will get rich; where as the poor will remain poor. This is what GLOBALIZATION does?

And, who may one ask, will work in the mines which these multi-national companies own? Of course, the miners will be the poorest of the poor; the slaves of international companies. They will be exploited. Let us go slowly. There is no magic for getting rich overnight First we have to consolidate the nation towards overall progress, harmony, plus social and economic advancement.

Best wishes