Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Not to Make Mistakes Again

Dear Editor,
In the last three decades, we have been making some serious mistakes by fighting rather than supporting each other. This point has been used by the foreigners who time and again invade Afghanistan or directly interfered in the internal issues of Afghans. The bitter memories of past largely affected the mentality and way of thinking of Afghans.

The call of time is to handle our issues by ourselves. We are no less from others in any walks of life but depending on others has become our habit. It is a fact that our government is weak and cannot create better opportunities for us. We have to support our government by allowing it to make the right decisions and by protesting against its wrong decisions.

So we need to trust our own capabilities and properly utilize our resources to build up strong foundation for Afghanistan. Otherwise we will not be able to gift anything to our coming generation except hopelessness and conflicts.

We always fear of attacks and violence and do not pay attention to many other issues. As we can scrutinize, the world and its demands are shifting every minute. The person who changed himself according to the time he will be victorious but the one who limited his deliberations will have to undergo the bad feelings of less know-how.

Today Afghans prefer to living in foreign countries rather than their own homeland, where they anticipate of better future. But I think they will be unable to find any aspect of their culture in their coming generations.
Shazia Ali
Khoshal Khan, Kabul