Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Recommendation is Valued More than Talent

Dear Editor,
What are the most dangerous problems Afghanistan is in hunt of today? What are really the most effective problems torment Afghanistan, are obviously the high rate of unemployment which is the absolute leading mother of all crimes and backwardness. The government of Afghanistan must realize this that currently the high the rate of the unemployment is growing and the crimes and other illegal activities are threatening us all. In this case, this is a life-term threaten to today's new generations, despite having a good educated and well-skilled, personalities in country, mostly foreigners are preferred for the positions which can be run from within so profoundly by our own personalities with a very negotiable salary scale.

On the other hand, today in most workplaces, without having the recommendation from within, a person can't get a job despite having the talent for the position. Mostly the people are hired or selected for the post the announced positions who have no talent and experience since having the recommendation they are given more importance rather than the once who have been working the field for many years with good experience.

The problem continues to go on, yet the government or the working NGOs on the ground have had no concern despite knowing the realities.
Indeed, this would surely effect the development growth of our country if no reaction takes place against this. What happens if this problem remains constant and the higher authorities don't pay attention on this issue?

Obviously, the crime will increase and the society will break down into destructions. Then the government will be impotent and bloody riots will breakout. Finally, this is humbly requested from the higher authorities to save the country by concerning over the high rate of unemployment in the country and don't late the new generations fall down after a lot of striving. I belief, we must apply talent rather than degree or recommendation of we want a progressive organization, NGOs or country.

Best Wishes
Ziba Sakhi Zada
Kart-e-3, Kabul