Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

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Children are Escaping Schools

Dear Editor,
The very rude behavior of teachers at school, every year thousands of children leave schools. The normal teaching material, teachers hold stick to control and behave students like commando in the war.
However, punishment at schools became part of the government's educational system. Students get punished for mall reasons. In the class, if the students miss the homework or unable to answer the teacher's questions, the students will be either punished by stick or asked to stand in front of the class till the teaching session is over to humiliate him in front of his/her classmates which will the main cause abhorrent and hatred. No respect to what so ever is given to students.

Surprisingly, we are always talking of the corruption, this must be worst than corruption, the corruption is not only within the government itself, but also mixed with educational system at schools. Teachers don't mark students based on their talent and paper's outcome. Instead, they consider, if students mothers or fathers are their co-worker, or if there is a family connection, or if students can't provide bribe in form of gift to the teachers. There is no real value for real talent at schools which a big shame.

Teachers at government schools are mostly 12 grades graduates. Teaching is not their professions, but they are teaching for living. Currently, the low money earners in Afghanistan are the teachers and majority of them are female. Government is trying to upgrade the system of education and the changes are underway with university system. People are in hope to have a proper, efficient and effective system at schools to educate the new generation of Afghanistan.

Let's hope for the best and hope instead of beating students, teachers can talk to them and instead of cutting students hair which damage their personality in front of their classmates, they can change the rule to give a bit of respect and freedom to students.
Warmest Regards,
Shazia Maqsodi
Kabul University