Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

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Happiness Begins Within Your Own

Dear Editor,
During this current age where depression, anxiety, anger, lack of tolerance and much more related symptoms are very common among people particularly in Afghanistan where there is lack of confidence, lack of trust, lack of honesty, lack of loyalty, lack of love, lack of truth and lack of conscience, these are the causes that dismantled us all of the happiness. We always want it but happiness always escapes me and you. As today we observe the very bounded circumstances that have obviously put us into a deep assertion. However, peace in mind is the most wanted gift for us all and this lies not within everybody, it can be achieved through your own efforts and struggle.

Perhaps, happiness is a feeling rather than a thing that we need to borrow or to snatch it from some other person. Feelings depend on the sensitivity of a person so they vary from one individual to another. If there are shops which sell happiness then it must be one of the most expensive products of one century.

In spite of frustration and negative approach, we need to find out the sources of happiness and to rise the sense of its feeling in us. Good relationships, helping poor and needy people, belief in religion, visiting attractive places, money, purposeful life, and positive thoughts are the sources of happiness. I analyzed that all these factors contribute in giving happiness to many people belonging to different castes, religions and races. Above all, truthiness and honesty must be once most desiring achievements which is the mother of all happiness.
Yours Truly,
Saira Sultani
Dasht-e-Barchi Kabul