Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Kabul City, no More a Safe Heaven

Dear Editor,
The Afghan government has vowed to make the capital a symbol of security which is the very fundamental requirement for a country to cover the rest steps of development and progress. But so far, one can't view enough progress on security system in the Kabul city where every day different personalities are targeted by the Taliban.

Kabul's narrow streets were extremely crowded, but now unnaturally seem calm due to insecurity and other unexpected explosion which has taken place into depth of Kabul city. People feel no more safer while going to Bazar, hotel and shopping because of the very anxiety about insecurity inside everyone. Nobody can predict what is going on.

Does really the government concern this problem to be stopped? Indeed the government can't protect itself how it can protect us from the terror attacks! Or do you think that the government, who fights against the very powerful leader of Taliban, really can't stop these devotions of the innocent people every day around us?

I know this would be a very tough question for everybody to answer but the answer is really not with me too, observing the very complicated situation everything is so unclear for everyone. Because, this recent devastating attacks on both two typical personalities of our country Wali Karzai, the governor of Kandahar province and Jan Mohammad Khan the senior advisor and governor of Orazgon province including dozens of civilians in various parts of the capital city is really a shocking news of these days.

This has no doubt to worry more the people, typically when one leaves for bazaar the rest of the family members are worried whether he returns safe. While children are going to tuitions and other educational institutions or school, the parents are very anxious until they get back home save because of the uncertainty of the situation.

However, the insecurity has risen since the U.S president Barack Obamma has announced to withdraw and it is the end of U.S troop's mission in Afghanistan. The enemy has started their attacks with various modern tactics. It is prognosticated that if the U.S forces get draw-downed from the region, the country would be the same Taliban dominated country as it was in 1998 and so.
Sana Rezai
Kart-e-Sakhi, Kabul