Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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Healthy but Lack of Satisfaction

Dear Editor,
Today we are absolutely and comparatively in a very healthy condition with best of all blessings which is obviously our health. A very eminent and most quoted quotation, says, "Health is Wealth, no health means no wealth."

We see people are around us quite rich mentally, physically, and materially, and living a very luxurious life with the best facilities, equipped with everything they need. But we complain from every blessings Allah has bestowed on us and complain we are unlucky or so. Here I would like to raise a question and that is. Are we really bad luck? Have we really ever put a glance around ourselves to the people who are both mentally and physically ill and extremely suffering from enormous types of hardships dominated them despite having the responsibility to feed 10 or even more people in a family? Have we really seen the bad luck people around us? Have we really seen the real faces of poverty, illnesses and bad luckiness?

I think we have never been in such condition, we have had everything we have been borne complete body and very fit both physically and mentally but we have never had the habit of use these blessings, we have never utilized our mind to make an effort to lead a better life with dignity, honor and satisfaction.

We have never seen the real unfortunate and bad luck people who have no legs no arms no eyes, no movement, but still fighting to lead a better life with dignity, and they really do so. Whatever they earn by their effort, they are happy in however condition they are. They lead a very satisfied life around each other with much tolerance, love and unity, despite being in that critical condition, they are happy and feel so very satisfied of whatever they are having.

At the same street and at the same roads, you may find different kinds of people, rich class people, poor class people, rich class people in a sense, being complete both physically, mentally and materially, poor class people in a sense, being handicapped, incomplete both physically mentally, extremely weak economically and having lots of other problems, if you ask both of them who are more satisfied, the answer I am satisfied you will obviously hear from the poor class people not rich class people. They are never satisfied while being steeped in worldly things with much luxurious life.

I personally believe, for a change some times we must look around ourselves and put ourselves in the history, or put ourselves in place of those poor class people, then decide and learn who is more bad luck. Above all, un-satisfaction is absolutely death. Now it is up to you, what you are supposed to do to be more satisfied and happy of what Allah Almighty has bestowed you.
Yours Sincerely
Abdul Ahad Saberi
Kart-e-3, Kabul