Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Does Corruption Deepen Poverty in Afghanistan?

Dear Editor,
As long as we are well cognizant with the fact that the present governmental surroundings in Afghanistan, corruption has really deep-rooted in and caused the poor at mercy of the power. The extreme growing of corruption is the most crucial and biggest hurdle towards political stability and country's growth.

Today, the grimmest is not within the Taliban, rather it's within the government of Afghanistan itself, the one and the most corrupt and disloyal government, gambling with the future of all Afghans and at the cost of our country. Today's corruption doesn't only affect the political growth and reestablishing of the country, it strengthens the very weakness started and introduced by the government itself. The very ongoing corruption in the country has spoiled the sustainability process and it has surely very negative impact, especially on poor people, while one in three persons is living under extreme rate of poverty.

Deeply considering, one without any hesitation can say, the very key driver of poverty in Afghanistan is due to the abuse of power which has become a very regular concept for the higher group people. Typically, today many powerful people utilize their influence to make the public agenda for their own personal or vested interest which is certainly against rule of law. This system doesn't only affect the lower class people, but rather this has become a hurdle to wards progress and development.

Unfortunately, yet this critical issue has not been investigated to protect the communities from lawlessness. As a result, bribe has become a very common practice today in our society to get a service done. Therefore, I belief, corruption does deepen poverty in Afghanistan, this practice must be stopped so that poor class people can breath easily.

Yours Truly
Sarfaraz Nezamoddin
Shahr-e-Nau, Kabul