Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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More Love Spoils the children

Dear Editor,
Giving more love doesn't only spoil the children, but also put the family in very embarrassing circumstances, especially when the parents take them to party or ceremony of their closed relatives, they mass up everything they see and really make a trouble for the poor relatives.

With such behavior and their overly confidence, today, what the family do they provide their children toys, like gun, and other harmful objects which obviously wouldn't have a very good impact on children's mind and as well as on their careers. They practice those harmful toys at home with each other in a very early age and out of door with their street flews and seeing one day that turns into reality.

Love doesn't mean to provide children the harmful toys and other harmful things whatever they demand from their parents, but rather the best way to love your children is give what and provide that can have a positive impact on their careers and particularly to the society. As a result, we can openly see the guys rumbling around the streets all the day teasing the people is its man result, by providing them such destructive objects in there earlier age, will surely and purely destroy their minds and put them in a very unhealthy circumstances.

So instead the parents can provide them something the isn't harmful which can build and guarantee their future, like books, pens, pencils, picture dictionaries in the very early age, and read for them poems or story that would help them in their future and as well as in their schooling subjects.

Above all, today if a person becomes terrorist that is not the fault of the child but rather it is due to the family environment, family behavior and family characteristics. They exactly follow what they learn from the family. So is the sole and core responsibility of the family to provide a proper nourishment and build their children's careers by providing them proper education and a good family environment.
Best Regards,
Sayeed Nisar