Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Progress Too Slow in Afghanistan

Dear Editor,
Today one of the very major problems we badly suffer from is traffic jam, pollution, road damages, improper sanitation system and unfortunately yet, theses problems have not been under a serious concern of the government to step forward towards wilding them up, despite emery's Kabul residents requesting from the Kabul mayor.

Especially, having one hour traveling to your job, one is supposed to spend two or three hours to reach to work under the extreme dark pollution which only causes cancer. On the other hand, rush of the cars don't only waste your time, but also pollute the weather and these will likely have much effect to our health and environment in Kabul City.

Moreover, the Kabul Zoo is the one of the very manifest example of the quite challenging development, the animals are kept in the zoo are in a critical condition of various serious diseases in a very critical places where they are kept.

They don't only suffer due to lack of food or water, but they are not in a proper position, like some of them are silently losing their lives. A very urgent treatment is need for them to turn them back in order to save their lives. Finally, yet no any active steps have been taken to wild these broken parts of the country, destroyed during the war. Therefore, a great effort is required to make an immediate challenge on these problems by our respectable government authorities.
Warmest Regards
Nazira, Sultani
Kart-e- Parwan, Kabul