Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

MPs Criticize Karzai’s Stance on Crimea and Russia

MPs Criticize Karzai’s  Stance on Crimea and Russia

KABUL – Members of Wolesi Jirga on Tuesday asked President Karzai to avoid engaging in political affairs of other countries because of the ongoing sensitive political scenario of Afghanistan.

Karzai's stance on the adhesion of Crimea with Russia not only followed major criticism from the US, but also Afghan officials and political analysts.

Considering the current situation of Afghanistan, President Karzai's involvement in the crisis between Moscow and Kiev will not be helpful.

"Few days ago President Karzai celebrated the union of Crimea with the Russian Federation and announced that Afghanistan pursues divinity," Abdullah said. "Have you done something good on earth yet? The nation circulates in blood, its security fails, poverty rises, and hopelessness exists. What exactly have you done for the nation?"

A number of parliament members said on Tuesday that the government must undertake efforts to halt the interference of international intelligence agencies that want to prolong the war in Afghanistan.

"We should strive to seek settlements in issues faced by the country with our close coordination and friendship with the international community and the US," Member of Parliament from Balk Mohammad Abdoh said.

In addition, the pentagon said that Karzai has the right to express his views on the issue; however his support for the union of Crimea with Russia did not benefit anything.

"What I can tell you is that clearly is not helpful and while he is certainly entitled to his opinion, it is our opinion here in the United States," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. "I believe I can speak for us as a NATO partner that it is the opinion of the alliance that Russia is absolutely in violation of international obligations, violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine."

The referendum held on 16 March, 97 percent of the people casted votes in favor of the union of Crimea with Russia. (Tolo News)