Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

MPs, LJ Differ Over Deal with US

MPs, LJ Differ  Over Deal with US

Whatever decision the president takes in national interest is legal: MP

KABUL- Some Wolesi Jirga members suggested on Tuesday that the proposed Loya Jirga, aimed at sharing its opinion with the government on a strategic cooperation deal with the US, should have a consultative role.
But others rejected the suggestion, saying the move was against the constitution and any decision by the Jirga would not be acceptable to them. President Hamid Karzai has said his government is convening the traditional assembly to deliberate on the draft agreement with the United States.

A lawmaker from western Herat province, Mohammad Rafiq Shahzad, said calling the Jirga into session to discuss a national issue was the constitutional right of the president.
"Whatever decision the president takes in national interest is legal. The president can discuss a national matter with elders," he insisted.
Another MP from southern Kandahar province, Abdul Rahim Ayubi, said convening the Jirga on the current situation in the country was necessary.

Several other legislators also favored the Jirga, saying the president had the right to convene such consultative meetings.
But a number of MPs denounced the move as unconstitutional, warning they would not accept the Jirga's decision.
Asadullah Sadati from central Daikundi province described the Loya Jirga a parallel institution to Parliament. He asked lawmakers to stay away from the meeting.
The constitution provided only for a Loya Jirga on issues of national importance and there was no need to convene a consultative assembly, he said. (Pajhwok)