Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, January 20th, 2019

AG Unable to Sue Corrupt Officials

AG Unable to  Sue Corrupt Officials

KABUL - Foreign support of top government officials has restricted the Attorney General's ability to sue corrupt officials.
Amanullah Eman, a spokesman for Attorney General's Office said records of 25 top government officials are under the observation of this institution, but some foreign circles do not want us to bring these officials to justice.

"The corruption they are involved in has external roots. These roots have made several obstacles which prevent us to monitor the records properly. Obviously, those who are involved in corruption are top officials who may try to show us their power, but we still try to overcome the challenges", said Mr Eman. He also said that terrorist activities over the past one year have decreased 10 percent compared to the year before based on the records of the Attorney General.

Last year Attorney General's Office has investigated 27578 civilian cases, 5217 military cases, 2078 cases related to national security crimes, 472 drugs cases and 1507 military corruption cases. and the overall number of cases probed reaches 36861 cases.
Attorney General's Spokesman Amanullah Eman said low salaries and lack of suitable locations to set up provincial departments are the main challenges facing the Office. (Tolo News)