Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

US has to Accept Conditions before Inking BSA: Afghan Official

US has to Accept Conditions  before Inking BSA: Afghan Official

KABUL - Chief of staff of President Hamid Karzai's office has categorically said that Afghanistan has its conditions for inking security pact known as Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States.
"Since Afghanistan would pay high price for giving military bases to US, the country has its conditions before inking the security pact and one of the conditions is ensuring durable peace and security in our country," Abdul Karim Khuram said during a recent interview with a local television channel TV-1.

Khuram noted, "It would make no difference to have security pact with US but Afghans live in misery, suffering from suicide attacks and bomb blasts."

He also added that inking security pact with United States would earn the enmity of regional countries with Afghanistan.
Although the document for inking the security pact has not been finalized, Afghan conditions are clear, Khuram said,

adding that the conditions include guaranteeing viable security, equipping the national security forces and supporting Afghanistan's economy by United States to achieve self-reliance.

However, he added that since the talks on security pact has not been finalized no date has been set for holding the traditional Loya Jirga, the country's highest decision-making body, to discuss the issue at national level.

To the question on peace process and talks with Taliban, Khuram reiterated that the process must be Afghan-led and Afghan owned, noting the High Peace Council, a government-backed peace- making body, has been authorized to talk with the Taliban.

He also said that opening Taliban office with the emblem of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (name of ousted Taliban regime) in Qatar was against the Afghan agreement with United States and a conspiracy to seed middle-east like situation or divide Afghanistan and the Afghan government thwarted it.

Khuram said that the United States should pursue the terrorists inside their sanctuaries and not in Afghan villages. In this regard, he said that killing, arresting and pushing people to the wall in Afghan villages would create more enemies. He also noted that terrorists are in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the victim of terrorists. He once again called for the United States to clarify its policy with regard to Pakistan.

Stressing on the forthcoming presidential campaign, Khuram noted that the once-every-5-year election is to be held on time and the president will not seek his third term.

He ruled out the rumor that President Karzai has the candidate in-favor and would remain impartial during the whole process.  (Monitoring Desk)