Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Govt. Asked to Resume Talks on BSA with US

Govt. Asked to Resume Talks on BSA with US

KABUL - Civil society and human rights activists on Thursday asked the Karzai administration to resume talks on a security pact with the United States of America for the sake of stability in the country.

Kabul suspended Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) negotiations with Washington to protest the way the Taliban opened their political office in Qatar last month when the US announced plans for direct talks with the rebel movement.

However, some civil society and human rights activists expressed their concern about the worsening relations between Afghanistan and the international community, particularly with the US.

They asked the government to stop criticising the international community for the sake of peace in Afghanistan and re-enter constructive dialogue with the world.

Executive Coordinator of Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) Naim Nazari told a press conference that Afghanistan required the international community’s assistance, especially of the United States, keeping in mind the current situation.

Civil society activist Ahmad Javed Shakaib said talks on the long-delayed agreement must resume as soon as possible and the Afghan government should provide certain information to the people in this regard. (Pajhwok)