Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Afghanistan, Pakistan to Enhance Border Control Cooperation

Afghanistan, Pakistan to Enhance Border Control Cooperation

ISLAMABAD - Senior Pakistani and Afghan defense officials have agreed to work out modalities to enhance security along their over 2,000 kilometers border, the military sources said Thursday as the Afghan defense chief wrapped his five- day visit to Pakistan.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Defense delegation headed by Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Khan showed interest in Pakistan's military training during their talks, military sources said.

The Afghan delegation visited various training institutions and facilities of Pakistan Army and was shown full spectrum of training from low intensity conflict to conventional warfare, and from tactical to higher defense training. The delegation met Pakistani army chief, General Ashfaq Pevez Kayani and other senior military officials.

The delegation also highlighted the fact that the female segment of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) was reluctant to go any other country, however, a brotherly Muslim country could serve as a place of interest for them too, the military sources said.

General Bismillah Khan acknowledged that thousands of Afghans were studying in civil institutions of Pakistan and attaining various degrees. Many of them were graduating from Pakistan as doctors and engineers. Under such circumstances, Pakistan could be a natural destination for the ANSF personnel, too. "Both sides agreed to continue high level exchanges to discuss and conclude various issues of common interest," the Pakistani military sources said.

The Afghan delegation also appreciated the fact that the operational environment of Pakistan and Afghanistan was identical, hence, Pakistan could provide for a natural professional training destination for Afghan officers and soldiers. "It appears that Afghanistan has come to realize the centrality of Pakistan in peace and stability in Afghanistan," the sources said. (Xinhua)