Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

India Urges Sincere Global Support for Afghanistan

India Urges Sincere Global Support for Afghanistan

NEW DELHI - Sincere international support to Afghanistan -- not meddling in its internal affairs -- is in best the interest of all countries, India’s Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari said on Tuesday.

At a meeting with visiting Afghan journalists in New Delhi, he alleged all foreigners claimed supporting the war-torn country. But in real terms, they were interfering in that country, the VP said, without naming anyone.

He believed if the global fraternity continued assisting Afghanistan well into future, the country could be rebuilt and stabilized, a win-win situation for all. India, without dictating terms to anyone, wanted to provide aid in areas where it was needed, he said.

India would help Afghanistan alleviate hunger and promote education once security impediments were overcome, the VP promised.

Ansari offered Kabul technical assistance in organizing elections, an area where New Delhi has useful experience. The Indian poll panel has the capacity to enable 700 million voters to exercise their franchise right.

With regard to bilateral relations, Ansari said people-to-people contact had lent a huge boost to cooperation at the government level between the two countries in diverse fields.

Indian aid for a variety of projects in Afghanistan -- from children’s hospital to industrial parks --was essentially focused on people’s welfare and prosperity, the vice-president continued.

“We understand the Afghans have suffered a lot. We want to help them,” Ansari said, adding his government was willing to provide higher education facilities for Afghan medical and engineering students in India. (Pajhwok)