Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Govt. Setting Up 2014 Election for Fraud: Political Council

Govt. Setting Up 2014 Election for Fraud: Political Council

KABUL - The Cooperation Council of Political Parties and Coalitions of Afghanistan has accused the Karzai regime of setting up the 2014 presidential election for fraud after the government forced the country's election body to back down on implementing new voter registrations.

Members of the 20-party council said that the president intervened in the affairs of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) instead of encouraging a fair and transparent election.

The IEC revealed Wednesday that it will allow the use of the previous registration system and voting cards instead of pursuing its earlier demand for new registrations and electronic cards in order to reduce the chance of fraudulent votes.

The shift came after pressure from President Hamid Karzai himself who declared there was not enough money to implement the IEC demand.

"The government is trying to provide opportunities of fraud in an election by using old cards in the election," member of Islamic Unity party Rajab Ali Danish said at a press conference in Kabul.

"We are aiming for a transparent election and we ask the government to not intervene in the election," National Coalition member Eng Asim said.

Furthermore, council members warned that the Taliban is likely to try to sabotage the election process by launching attacks and violations.

"The Taliban still does not believe in holding an election. They will try to sabotage it with violence," National Front member Mohammad Natiqi said.

The press conference was held after some political parties warned Thursday that the IEC decision could ultimately lead to a political crisis if the election is fraudulent.

The IEC said that new voting cards and registrations will only be given to those who were not registered in Afghanistan's past elections. (Tolo News)