Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

74% Surge in Civilian Deaths: MoI

74% Surge in  Civilian Deaths: MoI

KABUL - There has been a 74-percent increase in civilian casualties caused by Taliban-led violence over the past one week, a senior official in Minister of Interior Affairs said on Sunday.
At a press conference Interior Ministry Spokesman Zemarai Bashari told reporters that 120 terrorist attacks occurred last week in Afghanistan, a total of 82 civilians were killed and 108 others were hurt.

Gains achieved by police forces last week were also significant and there was a 14-percent rise in militant casualties last week, Mr Bashari said.
Last week insurgent attacks, including suicide raids and roadside bomb attacks increased up to five percent as the country was bearing the worst violence since the beginning of counterterrorism combat in 2001, he added.

"The beginning of summer season and the Taliban announcing the beginning of their spring attacks and as well as broader propaganda campaign are the main factor for an increase in violence, but it doesn't mean we had no achievements at all," he said.
More than 111 militants were killed, 35 others were injured and another 198 insurgents were detained during military by police forces nationwide, according to the statistics provided by the ministry.

Violence in the week before led to the death of 29 policeman and 55 others were left wounded which indicates a 6-percent surge in police forces' casualties, officials said.
Officials say it's difficult to curb suicide attacks, but it cannot be impossible.
Last week 92 criminal incidents occurred and 41 cases were discovered and neutralized by police forces, which indicates a 27% drop in criminal events in the country, Interior Ministry said. (Tolo News)