Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

ANF Renews Call for Federalism

ANF Renews Call for Federalism

KABUL - The Afghanistan National Front (ANF), the main opposition alliance, on Thursday renewed its demand for a decentralized government to resolve the problems facing the country.

At a two-day seminar organized by the coalition in Kabul, ANF leader Ahmad Zia Massoud identified a decentralized political system as a goal they would try to achieve.

Due to problems over the past two centuries, the Afghans had been unable to debate benefits of decentralization, a system that better addressed issues of public importance, he remarked.

"We want a fair and transparent presidential election in the country. The result of the previous vote was unacceptable to the masses," claimed the former vice-president.

The main purpose of a decentralized government was to involve people in the decision-making process, sand another ANF member. On the other hand, all powers were concentrated in hands of a few people in the current system, added Mohammad Mohaqqiq.

Afghanistan had received billions of dollars in international aid over the past decade, but provinces could not benefit equitably from the assistance due to corruption in the presidential system, he lamented.

Massoud, who was the first vice-president during the interim administration, established the ANF after Karzai refused to choose him VP for a second term. (Pajhwok)