Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 25th, 2020

Religious Ulama Must Not Perform Funeral Pray for Suicide Attacker: Sayaf

Religious Ulama Must  Not Perform Funeral Pray for Suicide Attacker: Sayaf

KABUL - Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayaf Member of the Parliament and chief of Islamic Invitation party (Hezb-e-Dawat) said suicide is really prohibited in Islam and anyone who is doing this action it is prohibited in Islam and religious Ulama must not perform his or her funeral prayer.

Sayaf added and said base on Islam religious and Holy Quran the religious Ulama are not allowed to perform special prayer (Funeral Prayer).

In the recent times Ustad Sayaf is the one who emphasizes on unlawful of suicide attack as well in the ceremony of Martyr's week on National hero Ahmad Shah Massoud in the Loya Jirga tent.

The assertions of Ustad Sayaf had a lot of reactions on unlawful of suicide attack is really unprecedented.

Ustad Sayaf who was talking to the audiences on dead anniversary of Professor Ustad Rabbani in the Loya Jirga tent stressed and said:" the suicide attacker does not have the time of beg so, the funeral prayer is not allowed to be performed on him or her." He went on and said, some members of peace council perform the funeral prayer of the ones who do the suicide attackers and say on the funeral of the attackers congratulate your martyrdom.

And this comes the time that some of our country religious Ulama perform the funeral prayers of the ones who conduct suicide attacks.

Ustad Sayaf pointing on suicide attack which killed Ustad Rabbani said, behind his murder there were six schemes.

He went on and further added "killing of Rabbani was an invasion on Afghanistan's peace and killing of Ustad Rabbani as Mujad (Holy warrior) means Islam killing."

Ustad Sayaf pointing on fight against foreigners and said:" the ones who claim are fighting against foreigners are saying lie because during the invasion of former Soviet Union they were in their Madrassas and were fighting against Russia."

Ustad Sayaf said:" there were no any foreigners beside Ustad Mazari and Ahmad Shah Massoud and why the Taliban killed them."
Ustad Sayaf further added and said those whom were fighting against Mujahiddin were talking with more than ten languages and the hand of Intelligence Service of Pakistan was behind them.
Sayaf concluded and said the only of rescuing of Afghanistan is peace not fighting. (BNA)