Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Mission Not Jeopardized By ANP Killing 6 NATO Troops: Katz

Mission Not Jeopardized By ANP Killing 6 NATO Troops: Katz

KABUL - The killing of six NATO soldiers by Afghan police in 24 hours will not jeopardize the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, ISAF spokesman Brig. Gen. Gunter Katz said Sunday.

"When you talk to our guys out in the field what they tell you is the longer we work with our Afghan partners together, the more confidence we have in them and the more we trust them and again we don't see that our campaign is in jeopardy, we consider it on track," he said in a press briefing in Kabul Sunday.

Four Nato soldiers were killed early Sunday morning in an attack by members of the Afghan police force less than a day after two British soldiers were killed by a member of the Afghan Local Police (ALP).
Both of the "insider attacks" took place in the south of the country, but the details of Sunday morning's attack - the location and nationality of the troops killed - have not been disclosed.

While the two incidents are still under investigation, it was confirmed by local officials that Saturday afternoon's attack happened in the Nahr-e-Seraj district of the southern Helmand province at a police checkpoint.

ALP officer Gul Agha opened fire on the UK troops at around 2PM Saturday, killing two soldiers and wounding one. It was earlier reported by local officials that four had been wounded but this number was revised down by ISAF. Gul Agha was killed in return fire.

US forces suspended training of the ALP a fortnight ago after a spate of similar shootings in August killed at least 15 NATO-led soldiers.

Training was suspended to try and implement more thorough screening of new recruits to weed out any links to the militant Taliban.

Katz said that the process had already seen a number of Afghan security forces dismissed.

"What I have heard from our Afghan partners that they did a re-vetting for their troops and actually they removed already a couple of hundreds guys from duty," he said Sunday.

Katz downplayed the impact of the attacks on troop morale.

"Yes, you will find people who are very, very concerned and express those concerns, but we assess that the majority of our troops are there, and in particular the young leaders that are very responsible, they know that they can trust their partners and they will continue to work together with those partners," he said.

More than 50 soldiers with the NATO-led international forces have been killed this year in so-called insider -- or green-on-blue -- attacks in Afghanistan.

There are nearly 117,000 NATO-led troops in Afghanistan who are slated to leave by the end of 2014. (Tolo News)