Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Release of Insurgents, Against Laws and Constitution: Mohaqiq

Release of Insurgents, Against  Laws and Constitution: Mohaqiq

KABUL - Hajji Mohammad Mohaqiq, A member of Afghan High Peace Council and the prominent Law maker has strongly protested against the release of insurgent prisoners by High Peace Council and Afghan national peace and reconciliation commission.
As part of peace efforts in Afghanistan the High Peace Council has recently set a number of prisoners free and the action has faced strong criticism.
Hajji Mohammad Mohaqiq, also the leader of People’s Unity Party of Afghanistan slammed this move of High Peace Council and national peace commission and said releasing insurgent prisoners without the proper judicial process from jails could hugely contribute to deterioration of security situation in the country. Mohaqiq said the release of imprisoned insurgents is totally against Afghan laws and constitution.

"Hundreds of criminal and insurgent detainees have been freed without any consideration to the enforced laws in the country, especially Afghan constitution," Mohaqiq told parliamentarians. A spokesman for national peace and reconciliation commission dismissed the claims of Hajji Mohammad Mohaqiq saying there is no evidence to prove that the released detainees have re-joined the Taliban side.

"National peace and reconciliation commission which was established six years ago has included more than 8,700 prisoners in the peace program, but none of those released has been proved to have joined the Taliban side again," a spokesperson for national peace and reconciliation commission, Sayed Sharif Yusufi Sharifi, said. Nearly 500 inmates recently tunneled out of Kandahar central jail, which has been called the only reason behind a two-day attack that targeted key government buildings in southern Kandahar. (Tolo News)