Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Amu River, Afghan Tajik Oil is Sufficient: Shahrani

Amu River,  Afghan Tajik Oil is  Sufficient: Shahrani

KABUL - Oil from Amu River and Afghan Tajik oil zones will not only be sufficient for Afghanistan, but also could export oil to other countries, Afghan Mines Minister Wahidullah Shahrani said today.
The oil extraction bidding process will be started in five months with a quantity of 5,000 barrels a day and the winner company is obliged to increase the quantity to 45,000 barrels a day, he added.

"Extraction of Amu River and Afghan Tajik oil zone will not only fulfill internal needs but also Afghanistan could export oil for the first time," Mr Shahrani said at a press conference in Kabul today.
Meanwhile, a contract between Afghan Ministry of Mines and Terasize, a Canadian company, was signed today to determine the level of oil in Andkhoy and Aqina oil zones.

The $6.5 million project will be started immediately after signing this contract and will be completed within three months.
The Afghan, Tajik oil zone oil determination project was started earlier this year with total budget of the $12.5 million with the help of the US government and has now been completed.

The results will be announced publicly in the near future.
"Hopefully in the future we could progress to 3D where you get a three dimensional model as all structures under the surface and you can see something similar to mountains and valleys and everything under the surface, John Briant, Head of the Canadian Terasize company said at a press briefing today.

"The data will be available for the bidders in the block they can process and analyze it themselves, and then make their target before they even start the bidding," he added.
The contract was signed in Kabul today between Afghan Minister of Mines, Wahidullah Shahrani, and Head of the Terasize Company John Briant. (Tolo News)