Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Marshal Qasim Fahim, First Vice President: Fade UP with this Type of Government

Marshal Qasim Fahim, First Vice President: Fade UP with this Type of Government

One way efforts can't bring Peace

Speaking to a gathering on the occasion of the introduction of Salahuddin Rabbabni as the new chief for the High Peace Council on Tuesday, Afghan First Vice President, Fahim Qasim, commented on the efforts at peace in the country, saying that demands from the different political parties were threatening the future peace and security of Afghanistan.
He said with each political party prescribing a solution for Afghanistan, they have failed to address the most important things which should come first like "hospitals and hospital beds".
"Unfortunately, our political demands have reached its peak which has disappointed the people. If each of us prescribes a solution for Afghanistan which is headed towards instability, it only destroys the country," he said.

He also said that Afghans should accept and respect each other or the country will be destroyed.
"Everyone says I am the best but never considers the others. We have to be cautious," he added.

He said, "Every one including Afghans and the international community has been fade up with the present state of situation. We are too, if this is the government, we are faded up of this type of government. I don't think any one else would be interested in this type of governance."

Qasim Fahim added, "There is only one way to peace, to accept all the demands of insurgents but I think unilateral efforts for peace cannot bring peace to our country…..Taliban should accept the civic values and constitution as a legitimate demand of the government"

He noted that all the domestic stakeholders should join hands to cease the violence otherwise we may face another mega wave of insecurity. "Even change of system too requires a peaceful Afghanistan… everyone has his own formula about the nature of the system, parliamentary form of government or the presidential system, every thing is possible in Afghanistan but the prime condition for any change is a sustainable peace " he said. (Tolo/OT)