Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Afghan Government Halts Development Projects Nation-Wide

Afghan  Government Halts Development  Projects  Nation-Wide

KABUL - Afghanistan Ministry of Finance in an official note requested all ministries to halt or suspend their development projects due to a decline in national revenue.
The note also requires governmental bodies to call off all the newly stroke contracts.
The move comes parallel to the announcement of a decrease in the amount of national revenue due to the six dry ports of Afghanistan being under Taliban control.
As the conflict between the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and the Taliban rage on daily basis, the Afghan government has apparently made security and military operations its priority. President Ashraf Ghani in the cabinet meeting on Sunday said that Afghan Air Force is conducting up to 150 airstrikes every day.
The official note has also asked the government bodies to stop squander and providing National Technical Assistance (NTA) salaries.
The Taliban are now controlling Dand-e-Patan port in Paktia province, AiKhanum in Takhar province, SherKhan in Kunduz province, Islam Qala and Tor Ghundi in Herat province, Abu Nasr Farahi in Farah province and Spin Boldak dry port and crossing in Kandahar province
The decline in national revenue and rise in the expenditure of Security Forces have obliged the Afghan government to halt development projects. (Khaama Press)