Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Ghani: Action Plan Is Ready, Situation Will Change Soon

Ghani: Action Plan Is Ready,  Situation Will Change Soon

KABUL - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Thursday that the government has prepared its plan to change the situation in the battlefields and it will happen soon.
“It s aimed to create a military stalemate so that they (Taliban) come to the conclusion that use of force will not work and that a political settlement is a fundamental solution,” Ghani said at a ceremony in the presidential palace to celebrate the National Flag Day.
He reiterated that the Afghan people want peace, but that which is durable and dignified.
“You (Taliban) will not surrender to force, neither will we surrender to force, negotiated settlement is the only solution,” Ghani said.
The president also said that the Taliban fighting has no religious legitimacy. “Is the plan for destruction yours or that of outsiders?” he asked.
The president said that Afghans want to live together in a system which could ensure their rights. (1TV NEWS)