Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 28th, 2021

NATO Leaders’ Summit Kicks Off in Brussels, Afghanistan, China, And Russia on Agenda

NATO Leaders’ Summit Kicks Off in Brussels, Afghanistan,  China, And Russia on Agenda

BRUSSELS - The NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg appeared at a media doorstep on Monday morning and briefed the media about the issues on the Agenda.
“Today we will open a new chapter in our transatlantic relations, the Leaders will discuss a wide range of issues, among them Russia”, Stoltenberg said.
And our relationship with Russia is at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War, this is due to Russia’s aggressive actions,e said.
Stoltenberg also said that NAO Leaders will confirm a dual-track approach to Russia: strong defense combined with dialogue.
He further added that NATO leaders will welcome the opportunity to consult with President Biden ahead of his meeting with President Putin.
Stoltenberg said that the NATO leaders will also address China on the climate change and the arms control issues.
“But China’s military build-up, growing influence and coercive behavior also poses some challenges to our security, and we need to address them together as an Alliance”, Stoltenberg said.
Ending NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan will also be discussed as part of the NATO leaders’ meeting, Stoltenberg said and he assured that NATO will continue o support the Afghans, and provide support to the Afghan security forces.
“We will do that partly through our civilian presence, where we will provide support, advice, to the Afghan security institutions,” said Stoltenberg.
According to the NATO Chief, the alliance will continue to provide funding for Afghan security forces.
The NATO alliance will also be looking on how they can provide out-of-country training for the Afghan security forces and on how NATO can maintain and support critical structure, including the airport, Stoltenberg said.
“NATO is planning to provide support and also some NATO Allies are now in direct dialogue, including the United States and Turkey and others, on how to make sure that we can maintain an international airport in Kabul”, he said.
This is of course important for NATO Allies, but it’s also important for the whole international community for diplomatic presence, and also for continued development aid, he added.
This comes as the international community organizations and diplomatic missions are the concern about the Kabul airport security after the U.S and NATO forces withdraw.
Turkey had shown a green light to keep ints 500 soldiers in Afghanistan post the US and NATO withdrawal and take the control of the airport, but the Taliban has recently opposed it saying all forces including Turkey soldiers to leave Afghanistan before the deadline.
The Afghanistan government has not yet commented on this matter. (Khaama Press)