Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

WB to Support Afghanistan’s Economic Plans

WB to Support  Afghanistan’s Economic Plans

KABUL - World Bank Regional Vice President Mr. Hartwig Schaefer during a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani supported Afghan development and economic programs and discussed the World Bank (WB)’s assistance and support to our country.
President Ghani outlined the Afghan government’s national plans, particularly development programs in the areas of education, mines, customs and revenue growth, and the economic prospect of Afghanistan, Arg said in a statement.
The president also spoke on the Afghan government’s reform package, saying that the reform’s rationale is to provide better services and enhancing the effectiveness and capacity of government agencies.
“We have a serious commitment to bring about reform and our goal is to deliver effective, equal, and technology-based services,” he underlined during the meeting held at the presidential palace.
He emphasized the investment in renewable energy, the construction of bands and water management, the fight against poverty, and boosting crop production.
Mr. Ghani also stressed on the importance of regional connectivity, adding that regional connectivity, as well as economic and transit efforts in the region, are key to the Afghan government.
World Bank Regional Vice President Mr. Hartwig Schaefer supported Afghan government reform and development plans and emphasized further efforts to overcome the national budget deficit. (DID PRESS)