Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Development of an App for Filing Complaints by The Kabul Municipality

Development of an App for Filing  Complaints by The Kabul Municipality

KABUL - The mayor of Kabul announces that kabul municipality has created an app so that citizens of the capital can now fill their complaints using their smart phones without any difficulties.
Kabul Mayor Ahmed Zaki Sarfaraz told media during a news conference on Sunday (30 December 2019): “The Kabul municipality has been able to create an app under the name (Kabul Municipality app) so that citizens of the capital should be able to register their complaints online through using this app and the purpose of this app is that we should receive the complaints and solve their problems in a short period of time.”
Mr. Zaki also added that today’s Kabul climate has harmed us and other residents of the city and Kabul municipality has taken the necessary steps to reduce air pollution. He also added, “We have had regular meetings with the heads of companies and other institution that they should stop using coal stone in their factories, and they have been suggested to use wood in their factories to prevent air pollution in the capital.”
The Kabul municipality has also unveiled their plans for the year ahead, kabul mayor has stated adding: “Next year we have significant plans, such as: planting trees in public places such as schools, universities, parks and more public areas to make the capital greener.” In addition to remodeling fountains, painting the roads for the sake of kabul beauty, installing landfills in the corners of the city, building two large landfills in the corners of Kabul to manage kabul city Waste will be one of the plans that Kabul municipality is working on it for the upcoming year. (Pasbanan)