Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Etisalat Launches Blood Donation Campaign

Etisalat Launches Blood  Donation Campaign

KABUL - The fifth phase of Etisalat`s yearly blood donation campaign “We Care!” was launched on 15 October inside Etisalat`s main office building, in Kabul. This humanitarian act was organized in cooperation with Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan to help improve public awareness about blood donation and enhance the availability of blood at government-owned public hospitals. 
‘We donate blood because we care for the society and the wellbeing of its members. We strongly encourage others to donate blood and save lives of those in need.’ said Mathew Willsher, CEO of Etisalat Afghanistan.
Every year, Etisalat employees, through the yearly blood donation campaign, donate blood to extend a helping hand towards those who are in need of blood transfusion.
‘While we are proud and appreciative of Etisalat employees, we need others to join them in this humanitarian act and help their own people who are in need of blood donation.’ said head of Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan, ‘We assure all the donors that their donated blood will only be given to deserving patients.’ As a part of its social responsibilities, Etisalat Afghanistan has been committed to supporting Afghanistan in the areas of health, education and other key areas that lead the country toward a better tomorrow. (PR)