Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, November 15th, 2019

Watchdog Reps Asked to Watch Probe into Ahmadzai Claims

Watchdog Reps  Asked to Watch Probe into Ahmadzai Claims

KABUL - The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on Sunday asked religious scholars, media and women to introduce their representative to witness an investigation into allegations by Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai. .
Some members of President Ashraf Ghani's administration have given out government posts in exchange for sexual favours, alleged Ahmadzai, a former adviser to Ghani.
In a letter, the AGO said based on Article 143 of the Constitution and other laws of the country, an investigation of criminal cases was its specific authority.
The AGO has assigned a competent committee of prosecutors to review the case in light of legal provisions and by considering their legal competency, demand documents and evidence to support the claims and investigate the case in the best possible way.
At the same time, the AGO decided to probe the case in the presence of representatives of the Ulema General Council, media, Afghan Women Network, civil society and Afghanistan Integrity Watch to ensure transparency in the process.
In this letter, the institutions have been requested to introduce their representatives to AGO to complete the investigation process in their presence.
The AGO received an official letter No. 1010 on the 27th of May from the Deputy of Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation of The Office of Chief of Staff to the President about the investigation of Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai’s claims. (Pajhwok)