Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Local Army Helps Improve Security in Nangarhar

Local Army Helps Improve  Security in Nangarhar

JALALALBAD - Officials and residents of eastern Nangarhar province say security has improved with the creation of the local army in some districts.
The local army has been established in Khogyani, Pachiragam, Haska Mena, Ghanikhel and Achin districts. Similar army units may also be created in Batikot and Nazyan districts.
Maj. Mohammad Haroon Yousafzai, spokesman for 201st Selab Military Corps, told Pajhwok Afghan News that local army created in five districts in order to better maintain the security.
“Two local army battalions have been set up in Khogyani and Pachiragam and one each in Haska Mena, Achin and Ghanikhel,” he added.
He said the security of these districts had improved and the local army formation would be extended to other districts as soon as possible.
Ajmal Omar, a member of the provincial council, acknowledged the local army played a vital role because it involved military experiences and help from residents.
A tribal elder from Pashiragam districts also demanded the certain of a similar force in other districts and urged public uprising groups to step up their struggle.
Abdul Wahab Momand, the administrative chief for BatiKot, suggested an increase in the strength of the local army in his district, where two to three battalions were needed.
The local army, replacing the local policemen is comprised of area residents trained by soldiers. (Pajhwok)