Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Taliban’s Spring Offensive Has Failed

Taliban’s Spring  Offensive Has Failed

Khalid says Taliban and their foreign supporters have not been able “to change anything in Afghanistan”.
KABUL - Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid, who addressed a ceremony on the introduction of the new commander of the Special Operations Forces in Kabul on Saturday, said the Taliban’s spring offensive has failed and that the group has made no progress in any part of the country since the start of their offensive.
Taliban’s spring offensive was announced on April, days after government’s security plan. Following the offensive announcement, war intensified in a number of provinces, but Khalid said the group has made no progress since then.
The acting defense minister said the bravery and sacrifices of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have stopped the enemy and their foreign supporters from changing anything in Afghanistan so far this year.
“This year, the enemies along with their foreign supporters were not able to change anything in Afghanistan. This all shows your heroism and sacrifices,” said Khalid.
Khalid praised the Afghan commandos for their achievements and said the government fully supports the forces because they play a crucial role in foiling the Taliban’s plans and activities.
“We always appreciate your heroism. It is our responsibility to fully support you,” Khalid added.
The new commander of the Afghan Special Operations Forces Mohammad Fareed Ahmadi, meanwhile, warned the Taliban to stop fighting to the Afghan security forces, otherwise, they will be eradicated.
Ahmadi said the Afghan commandos, who conduct the special operations, will change the direction of war to peace and stability.
“Together we will change the trend of war to peace in support of the Afghan people,” he said. “I’m warning the Taliban fighters. Do not kill yourself for no reason. Have mercy on your families.”
Ahmadi called on the Taliban fighters to stop listening to their leaders because they fuel the fight under the order of foreign countries.
“Do not listen to your Taliban leaders who sit under the flags of other countries,” he said. “I warn foreign terrorists. Leave Afghanistan or this will be your graveyard.” (Tolo news)