Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Interior Ministry Registers 100,000 Crime Cases in Five Years

Interior Ministry Registers  100,000 Crime Cases in Five Years
KABUL - More than 100,000 cases of crimes have been registered in the Ministry of Interior Affairs over the past five years, Acting Minister of Interior Affairs Massoud Andarabi said in a meeting with Kabul residents on Sunday. Although the ratio of crimes has slumped, the figure cannot satisfy the people, said Andarabi. “We cannot rely on the identification, name, the list, and publication of the list,” he added. Andarabi said that police arrested 115,000 suspects in connection to the crimes during this period. “In case police face armed resistance, they will take the same approach within the framework of the Afghan police,” said Andarabi. “The security forces seized 32 laser devices, five bulletproof vests, 400 suicide vests, 63 binoculars and a large number of bullets,” said Amanullah Chamto, Head of the Ministry of Interior’s Department for Fighting Crimes. Kabul residents said the people are tired of the increase in crime in the city. “The security institutions are not paying heed to the issue. The level of crime has risen significantly compared to the past,” said Farzam, a Kabul resident. “We do not feel safe even inside our homes,” said Ali, a Kabul resident. (Tolo news)