Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Wolesi Jirga Poll Results from Nangarhar Unveiled

Wolesi Jirga Poll Results  from Nangarhar Unveiled

KABUL - The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday announced initial results of the October 20-21 Wolesi Jirga elections from eastern Nangarhar province.
Fourteen candidates, including four women, were have found their way to the new lower hous. Seven of them have been re-elected, a statement from the poll panel said.
Based on the preliminary results, the wining candidates are:
Abdul Karim Karimi (5,085 votes)
Faridoon Khan Momand (7,721 votes)
Abdul Rauf Shpoon (7,342 votes)
Amir Mohammad Yar (7,198 votes)
MirwaisYaseeni (6,698 votes)
Hazrat Ali (6,452 votes)
Nabiullah Baz (5,420 votes)
Abdul Nasir Momand (6,008 votes)
Abrarullah Murad (5,504 votes)
Lal Mohammad Durrani (5,420 votes)
Arian Youn (4,444 votes)
Lailuma Wali Hakimi (3,253 votes)
Saima Khogyani (2,671 votes)
Dewa Niazi (1,688 votes)
Faridoon Khan Momand, Amir Mohammad Yar, Mirwais Yaseeni, Hazrat Ali, Arian Youn, Lailuma Wali Hakimi and Saima Khogyani have retained their Wolesi Jirga seats while are new faces.
Haji Zahir Qadeer, Asmat Shinwari, Syed Akram, Amir Jan Dawlatzai, Abdul Qhafar, Fareshta Anwari and Pir Bakhsh Girdiwal, who had won the previous polls, could not make it to the new Wolesi Jirga this time around.
The panel said the results announced were preliminary and they could be referred to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) in case of objections.
The panel has already announced initial results from 30 provinces, saying the outcomes from the remaining provinces and the Kochi constituency will be unveiled soon.(Pajhwok)