Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

‘Women Can Change Nation’s Destiny Through Vote’

‘Women Can Change  Nation’s Destiny Through Vote’

BAMYAN CITY - Residents of central Bayman province say insecurity, low levels of public awareness and negative competition among some candidates will negatively impact women’s participation in the elections.
Abdul Samad Jafari, a resident of Bamyan, told Pajhwok Afghan News people’s awareness had improved but still abusive practices had created problems for women.
According to him, adherence to old traditions and negative attitudes toward women coming out of home are impeding their participation in the democratic process.
He claimed a large number of women would be unable to vote because they were without national identity cards. They could not get the cards as tazkira distribution centres were located away from their homes.
Siddiqa, one of the Bamyan women without the identity document that is a must for voting, said she could not acquire her ID card due to long queues and huge crowds at the distribution centre.
Fatima Muradi, a student of Bamyan University, called the participation of people in the elections vital to change in the nation’s destiny.
Shehr Bano, an independent Wolesi Jirga runner, told Pajhwok lack of awareness, independence and a conservative society dominated by men were the main obstacles to Bamyan’s women taking part in the electoral process.
Ali Shah Misbah, head of the provincial Independent Election Commission, acknowledged the participation of men in the parliamentary election process was lower than in the presidential poll, but women’s involvement had increased.
In the 2014 presidential election, he recalled, about 174,000 people took part -- 42 percent of them women. However, 167,000 people -- 50 percent of them women -- have registered as voters for the upcoming elections.
About 188 polling centres had been set up in the 2014 election. This time around, 220 polling centres will be established, he concluded.  (Pajhwok)