Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Taliban Advance Causes Disappointment in Afghan Government

Taliban Advance Causes  Disappointment in Afghan  Government

KABUL - As battle between government troops and Taliban militants rages in the eastern city of Ghazni, Afghans criticize President Ashraf Ghani's administration for having failed to protect the city and its residents.
For the fourth straight day, Afghan security forces have been fighting the Taliban in Ghazni, a key provincial capital in the east of the country. The insurgents have been attempting to seize control of the city since Friday.  
The Taliban launched a massive assault on the city last week, which is a strategic center on the main highway linking the capital Kabul with southern Afghanistan.
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Heavy fighting is taking place between Afghan government forces and militants. With government buildings and police headquarters under attack, multiple accounts suggest the city is largely controlled by the Taliban.
The attack is a major blow to President Ashraf Ghani and his government in the run-up to parliamentary elections, scheduled to take place in October.
Situation 'under control'
It's reported that Taliban fighters surprised government security forces with their attack, which has so far killed at least 100 Afghan policemen and soldiers. However, on Monday, Afghan Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami and Interior Minister Wais Barmak said the situation was under control. "We have lost a number of men, but the number of causalities on the side of our enemies is four times larger," Bahrami told reporters during a press conference.
The defense ministry claims the number of civilian causalities is between 20 and 30. Around 200 Taliban, including Pakistani and Chechen fighters, were supposedly killed. Both ministers said they are hopeful security forces will regain control of the city within the next 24 hours. (AA)