Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 20th, 2019

Key Government Minister Resigns

Key Government  Minister Resigns

KABUL - Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi says at least 500 projects were implemented by the ministry during his time.  
Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi announced his resignation as minister of urban development and housing at a press conference on Wednesday.
Naderi said his resignation had been approved by President Ashraf Ghani.
Speaking at the press conference he spoke of the projects – at least 500 – that have been implemented during his time in office.
He also stated the ministry had been a “paralyzed” department before he was appointed as minister. 
Naderi was introduced as nominee minister of urban development and housing by President Ghani in March 2015.
In April 2015, he was elected minister after getting 202 votes of confidence out of 239 from MPs in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).
This result was the highest vote achieved by any nominated minister since the Afghan nation’s 2004 constitution was adopted. (Tolo news)